Escape in the mountains

Is It Safe To Travel To Oman?

Oman – your next travel destination

Many tourists visit Oman on their holidays, and it is the favorite holiday destination of the royals. However, the country has been attracting people from all over the world. Why? Because of its unique culture and environment.

All the people are very friendly towards tourists, but you should be aware that some unstable situations are going on in all the other countries in the region. 

Escape in the mountains

Oman is well known for its rich history and culture. Tourists find it challenging to experience Oman without having the luxury of spending time in its many cultural sites. It is one of the best places for cultural activities, and the beautiful temples and mosques are a big attraction.

In Oman, the major city is Muscat, which is a small shopping town. This is where you will find almost all the tourist attractions such as Arabian Nights, the Hatta Mosque, and the Fahmiyeh Fort. It also houses the Presidential Palace and Oman Gardens. All you need to know for tours to the country is that you need to book your accommodation or tours in advance.

Why Oman is worth visiting

You will come across the stunning blue waters of the Persian Gulf when you travel to Oman, but you may also be in for some spectacular views of the Red Sea and the beautiful desert that border the gulf. During your time in Oman, you can also check out some of the historical sites, such as the Bani Na Bint Mubarak Museum, which is filled with artifacts from the ancient and modern times.

While you are in Oman, you will also come across some unique cultures and beautiful scenery. Here, you can explore the Qusais Mountains and the Upper Zabi Desert, where you can stay in desert camping or traditional tents in a hot desert climate.

Take a day trip to Ras Tanura coastal village and enjoy the sights and sounds of life there, including a trip to the local museum to take home some great memorabilia.

Oman , From the Horizon of Jabal Hatt

If you choose to go on a tour, look for a great tour operator who will be able to tailor their trips to suit you and your interests. When you are on a guided tour, you can also visit some of the city’s museums and art galleries, visit some of the caves and temples, and even visit the region’s many historical sites.

When you are planning your trip, here are some tips on how to travel in Oman. Remember that if you visit Oman, there are many things you should do to ensure that you have a pleasurable experience. Some of these suggestions include; accommodation, local cuisine, entertainment, and visiting some museums and monuments throughout the country.

E-visa to Oman

Wondering if Oman should be your next travel destination? Fantastic choice!
When you plan to visit Oman, there is a need to obtain a particular travel document called e-visa. You will be in shock at how easy it is to obtain e-visa.

What do you need to do? The process can be described in three simple steps.

Visa online application

Step one: open an application form on a chosen browser and answer all the questions. The questions are straightforward, so it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. Isn’t it great?

Step two: submit the questionnaire and pay the service fee.

Step three: print the obtained document and take it with you for your holidays.

A visit to the embassy is not required, because all can be done online.

Awaiting time for your granted visa is usually three days. E-visas are sent to the applicants on the email address that was provided in the application.