As far as the tourism industry in Germany is considered Dusseldorf plays an active role. There are many important tourist destinations in Dusseldorf that bring great economic benefits to the country’s economy. Some of the most famous places of tourist interest are being discussed here in the article.

Dusseldorf Film Museum

This is one of the most interesting and attractive museums prevailing in Dusseldorf. This film museum is well known for the permanent and most attractive unique exhibitions of costumes, properties and decorative materials that were used greatly during ancient times. This continues from the time since the museum was founded. Information is delivered in a fashionable and interactive way. This museum becomes great in the manner used to deliver useful information to the visitors. brazil visa san diego

Nord Park

This is the most amazing park in Dusseldorf that provides a great source of entertainment. This is an amazing public park in the whole of Germany. This comes in the district of Stockum in Dusseldorf. The beautiful trees, fountains, sculptures, playgrounds, and decorative flower beds are all really attractive and breathtaking. This park can be considered as the most decorative and attractive one in the city as far as its recreation facilities and difficult to believe landmarks are considered. This is one of the largest parks prevailing in the city.

Rheinturm view

This is the view of the city from the above tower. Toy cars and roads seem as small as pencil thick and houses seem to be as small as a matchbox. Imagine the view of the Media harbor and the sight of the city from the tower top-234m high. This is really breathtaking and a must see to the city visitors of Germany tour.

Dusseldorf Airport

If you have a keen interest in watching planes the Dusseldorf airport is the best place for that. Visit the two viewer’s galleries at the airport and we get a good idea of what is going on. Dusseldorf airport is the biggest airport in Germany.

Dusseldorf Media Harbor

The plan of enjoying the evening is sitting by water sipping a cup of coffee or cocktail juices then the best idea is to go to the Media Harbor.

Rhine promenade

This is the place to enjoy a holiday atmosphere when the weather is warm and sunny. From the open air steps at the Burgplatz and the Rhine promenade, we can get outstanding views of the Rhine ships, gliding past, the cable-stayed bridge, the Oberkassel Rhine banks, and the Rheinauen. Egypt is also interesting to explore, To go there you have to use: Egypt Visit Visa

Museum of Art

The most northerly museum is the Dusseldorf’s Ehrenhof Museum of Art. It displays different art forms of Europe from the medieval period to the present stage. To be included in Germany tour packages.


This is a huge park that originated in the year 1770. The whole of Dusseldorf city is bounded by this park on the northern side.

Castle Tower

In Burgplatz and the northern part of the Dusseldorf Town Hall, there is the Schlossturm which is the old remains of the Schloss. This is the local name of the Castle Tower. Now the shipping museum is situated in this building.